Safeguard your investment and family

We do more than help you earn your citizenship.


Quality of Life.

US Freedom Capital has an unsurpassed concierge service which enables families who migrate to the United States to experience all of the joys and freedoms that our own citizens have access to. We help you jumpstart your journey, from integrating you with new friends of your own culture and heritage; to medical, housing, religious connections and/or high quality school systems.If you want to achieve the best education possible, either for yourself or for your college-aged children, we will link you to the appropriate college and university advisors who can make your entry easier. Overall, with US Freedom Capital your family will be well on its way to enjoying the prosperity of America.

Sound Investments.

Our dedicated real estate professionals and principals have completed over $4 Billion USD in successful real estate investments. Our first-rate team includes the 3 Top Immigration Officials who served under former President George W. Bush, along with renowned real estate executives whose efforts contributed to the thriving economic growth within the State of Texas. Let our knowledgeable professionals help you maximize your investment while securing a promising outcome of your US citizenship.

Smartest, Fastest Path to Citizenship.

Relocating to a new country can be confusing. Our EB-5 Regional Center Investment Program is a tangible way for qualified investors to gain legal residency and get access to the freedoms enjoyed by US residents. US Freedom Capital offers EB-5 investment opportunities that comply with a US financial securities regulations. As your fund manager, we select investments that meet the requirements to obtain your green card, as well as providing high level of care for your $500,000 investment. We help you receive a green card and subsequent visa within 3 – 5 years so that you can enjoy a better life in the United States.

Exceptional Counsel.

Processing a visa requires a lot of paperwork, including taxes, acquiring a social security card, driver’s license and the legalities of real estate ownership. The professionals at US Freedom Capital take the time to review your needs, manage your requests and become advocates on your behalf. We answer your questions and listen to your needs with a proactive approach; making your relocation as hassle-free as possible

Welcoming Atmosphere.

Over 3.5 million Texan residents were born overseas, including 1.1 million Hispanics and nearly 1 million of Asian descent. You can easily integrate with like-minded foreigners who share in your cultural heritage, as well as experiencing the warm acceptance of US citizens who cater to and embrace immigration. The great blend of restaurants, retail stores, office centers and other businesses have adjusted to learn your language and will embrace your patronage.

Powerful Texas Economy.

Unlike many other regions of the United States which have suffered from an economic windfall in the past few years, the State of Texas is a dynamic and financially aggressive area. Apart from the rest of the US, if Texas were its own country it would have the 10th largest economy in the entire world; even ahead of Canada, India, Korea and Russia. As an immigrant relocating to Texas, your ability to start and manage a successful business endeavor is exceptionally realistic. We have helped countless clients join the ranks of lucrative business ownership.

  *For compliance with U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission requirements, we are not able to provide specific investment information until you register as a potential EB-5 investor.