Investment Highlights

The Wealth Builder Strategy focuses on high-yield wealth (10-12% P.A.) wealth generation through: Stable cash-flowing US real estate | A high degree of security and collateral | Zero volatility| Ground-up development in US real estate projects| USD$ returns

Investment Benefits

Geographic Security
Expertise you can trust

Better Your Yield, Lower Your Risk

The Wealth Builder Strategy has zero volatility and offers stable, predictable yields regardless of market or economic cycles, in dollar denominated products.

The Security of US Real Estate Investments

Compared to India, market conditions of US real estate investments can guarantee you:

Your Success Comes First

“US Freedom Capital understands that compounding wealth comes from net returns, and more importantly how to earn those returns. The USD denominated interest payments from the investment allowed my client to quickly grow their wealth and diversify their portfolio away from volatility”

-Rohan S.

A Client Story

Rohan’s client invested in our Adora Midtown Park project, a licensed healthcare facility worth $32 Million.

His Experience?

“The project was not only completed on time and on budget, but most importantly gave my client the financial assurance they were looking for. The 12% target return delivered by the project has been a massive benefit for the portfolio.The project’s success has given us confidence to re-invest in the future.”

-Rohan S.