EB-5 is a better US Student Visa

The United States continues to be one of the top locations for students seeking to pursue an excellent education, either as a college graduate or postgraduate. For those who qualify, the EB-5 investor visa program offers many increased advantages over the traditional F-1 or M-1 student visa.

Some of the benefits of the EB-5 visa include:

  • Resident tuition under the EB-5 visa is often one-third of the cost at many participating public universities in lieu of the F-1 or M-1 visa. In fact, the savings from tuition often pays for the cost of the EB-5 visa. See our calculation here on how much you can save.
  • EB-5 is a family visa, so all eligible children qualify at no additional cost.
  • No annual renewals, fees or expenses are required under the EB-5 visa because it’s permanent, rather than extended annually.
  • There are no work limitations under the EB-5 visa program for students, as there are with the L-1 or M-1 visas.
  • The student may continue to reside and work permanently within the US after graduation, without restrictions. Alternatively, the H1B work visa has a number of challenges and restrictions even after a degree is obtained.
  • After five years of permanent residency in the US, the EB-5 visa enrollees are eligible for US citizenship automatically, whereas H1B work visas may need to undertake additional requirements to earn their permanent residency.
  • Eligibility related to investment criteria, not family relationships or sponsoring employers.
  • The parents of the student may choose to make investments in the US with the same legal protections as US citizens.

Click here to see a summary of all types of US visas available to foreign students. Once you have learned about the many options, you will see that the EB-5 Visa has many advantages over all other types. To learn more about the EB-5 visa, click the button below and we will send you additional information.


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