Invest in Your Future

Earn a Green Card faster while securing the interest of your family with the EB-5 Investor Visa.

What is the EB-5 Program? For the wealthy foreigner, the EB-5 Program has been in effect since 1990 as a winning opportunity for the immigrant and their family to obtain permanent residency to the US. The EB-5 Investor will receive almost all of the same benefits as anyone who is a US citizen, and you and your family will have the opportunities available to their children and succeeding generations.  

Working with your immigration attorney, US Freedom Capital manage the investment of your behalf, as investment advisors. Because it may seem like a complicated undertaking, our highly skilled team of real estate executives and three of the top three immigration officials under former president George W. Bush have formed US Freedom Capital as a way to manage your investment and defend your family’s interests.

Advantages of enrolling in the US Freedom Capital EB-5 investment program include:

  • Total Assistance: Our staff directs, coordinates and professionally manages your investment within the EB-5 guidelines. 
  • USCIS Application: The historic approval rate for the EB-5 program is greater than 85%, and once admitted, the approval rate is 95%.
  • Conditional Green Card and Quick Access to Citizenship: Your green card validation will remain intact for two years and recipients and can enjoy all of the liberties as US residents, including access to premier education, health care, grants, real estate opportunities and so much more. 

Learn more about the EB-5 application process here.