Investment Highlights

The EB-5 Visa Program is an opportunity for foreign nationals to receive permanent residency in the US through investments in qualifying business projects. At US Freedom Capital, we combine years of expertise and leadership in US immigration and real estate to help you manage your investments.

We do more than help you earn your citizenship

Green Card Benefits

EB-5 investors receive almost all the same benefits as a US citizen, giving you, your family and your future generations access to an exceptional quality of life.

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Investment Details

Annual Return 0.50% P.A.
Investment Amount $500,500 USD

Texas: The Land of Opportunity

US Freedom Capital has chosen Texas as its preferred choice for its investment projects.
Texas offers:

Your Success Comes First

A Client Story

Ansen invested in our Estates of Richardson project, a multifamily apartment complex worth $45 Million. The project created 325 jobs and helped Ansen and 25 other investors earn US Green Cards (100% success rate).

His Experience?

“The fact that this was a medium sized EB-5 project gave me assurance that the project would be completed on time. Not only were timelines met, but I also had the security of knowing the principals of U.S. Freedom Capital had invested in this process.The team also worked as investment advisors and partners, rather than brokers.”

-Ansen Z.