Investments Highlights

The Current Assets Strategy helps you generate steady fixed income returns (6-8% P.A.) based on three core principles:

  • Stable cash-flowing US real estate
  • A high degree of security and collateral outside of India
  • Tax Free (No taxes)

Investment Benefits



Performance Transparency

Better Than Your Average FD

Compared to Indian bank fixed deposits, the Current Assets Strategy allows you to earn more with:

How We Compare

FD rates (adjusted in USD terms) over 3 years

See how the compounding effect for $1 invested in Indian FD & Current Assets Strategy would have worked for you

Your Success Comes First

At U.S. Freedom Capital we give investors real returns and investment control.


Here’s a sample of an active project. Texas Skilled Nursing (TSN) Portfolio.

What is it?

A healthcare portfolio valued with a loan amount of $100 Million and an investment of $12 Million.

What makes it a solid investment?

As a senior-secured lender, the portfolio fund has sizeable collateral and security.

What about returns?

The investors are on target to receive a return of 7.1% P.A., a steady and safe ROI.


Current Assets Strategy Highlights

Our Partner: Lancaster Pollard 

The largest US lender of US Government secured loans in healthcare

Over 1,200 completed transactions totaling +$10 billion

$1.3B new portfolio in healthcare financing


As a senior-secured lender, the portfolio fund has sizeable collateral including:

First charge against real estate

Corporate guarantees

Personal guarantees