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I considered many traditional EB-5 projects before we stumbled upon the FD+ Green Card program by US Freedom Capital. Upon researching and speaking to members of the team, I realized that through the FD+ route, I could not only secure my family’s future abroad but also afford that future with the income earned from the returns of the FD+ Green Card strategy. Highly recommended!

- Deepak K.

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Our client had a 25 year old family business in India. The client along with his family was looking to permanently move to the US and was evaluating the option of starting his own business in the US to migrate and settle there. He approached US Freedom Capital and upon discussion with the team and post due diligence, realised that there was a faster, easier and a surer way to obtain Green Cards for his family…

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How long does it take to get the Green Card once I have invested the required $500,000 amount?

The green card process starts only when the investment is made. Once the money is invested in the ESCROW account, your EB-5 application will be filed (i.e. is the I526 Petition). Now the application will be reviewed at two levels: first, the applicant has to be approved by the US immigration which takes around 7-8 months and second, the project has to be approved which takes around 14-15 months. The stated duration is the maximum amount of time that may elapse, however, some projects get approved in 6 months.
This delay is caused due to limitations in the number of economists who have to review the entire project. The staff is being rammed up by US immigration and this should speedup as we go along the years. Once the project is approved, all the investors in that project get approved. It’s the backlog of pending projects submitted for approval that takes time. Both the approvals i.e. person and project are essential. Once these two approvals happen from different department’s simultaneously, the applicant gets an email from the US immigration stating that you have been approved subject to a consulate interview. After this letter it takes about a month to get an interview with the US Embassy or Consulate, after which you get the permission to enter US. The day you enter US your green card is activated. So, it can take anywhere from 18-24 months depending on how soon the investor invests the money and how soon the documents are submitted, post this, it’s up to the US immigration (USCIS).

How long will it take for me to get my investment back?

Five years is the term loan written in the agreement, beyond this there is a 90-180-day grace period given to the developer of the project in case there are some exceptional delays. If the delay is caused by negligence, 5 years is the maximum time given, beyond which a penalty clause gets activated and interest is calculated with penalties. Hence the developer will have to return the money along with the penalties attached. There are certain indirect collaterals available, in case the developer defaults, USFC can take over the collaterals and start paying the EB-5 investors. This is only in an exceptional case. In most cases, the investor will start receiving his money between 4-5 years. 4 years being the minimum period of getting the investment and 5 years being the maximum.


Who will locally coordinate and manage the details of my offshore investments in India?

Your investment with US Freedom Capital would be managed by a SEBI-registered PMS company in the form of non-binding advisory services.

Where is my money getting invested?

All investment portfolios have underlying assets in the United States of America, and are in the healthcare, real estate and finance sectors.