Wealth Builder Strategy
Investment Overview

The Wealth Builder Strategy focuses on high-yield wealth (10-12% P.A.) generation through ground up development projects in US real estate.The investments are made in non-cyclical asset classes like Healthcare and Residential sectors, which provide stable & predictable source of investment exit.

How You Benefit

Protect Your Wealth

The Wealth Builder Strategy has zero volatility and offers stable, predictable yields regardless of market or economic cycles, in dollar denominated products.

The returns advertised on an Indian Bank FD are gross returns without adjustments for Inflation, Taxation & Currency Depreciation. Our investment thesis is based on the concept of net returns.

Myth about FD returns

The Security of US Real Estate Investments

Compared to India, market conditions of US real estate investments can assure you:

A Success Story

US Freedom Capital showed my client great transparency throughout the entire investment process. The team was particularly impressive in their level of reporting as well as their ability to educate us on issues such as taxation, and the capital cycle process. One of the main benefits of this investment was that it allowed my client to earn consistently strong returns in US dollars which was important to diversify and protect his overall portfolio

– Maher B.

The Wealth Builder Strategy gives you complete flexibility to choose projects from the ground-up. Our latest completed project:

Adora Midtown Park: Senior Living Project (Dallas, TX)
Status: Complete (October 2017)
Investment: $27.5 Million
Asset Class: Healthcare
Target Return: 12% P.A.

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